The real reason I left inspiration.

Well time to spill all, most just thought I wanted to my own thing, well that wasnt so there was much more too it.

wHEN I joined inspiration, I was informed it was Vank and Evivals place I had no problem with this, I was still free to continue as I had within other places around world.

I was also informed there was a sales team that sold for all designers. There was infact one girl who was generally selling, another that had been got pushed away.

I watched one designer in the mall repeatadly treat other designers and staff badly,I watched her excuse herself time and time again because of the language barrier. We clashed never have i been treated so badly by an individual in world, I wont go into details but anyone that knows me knows to make me break down you have to go pretty far.

The lies continued in my abscense, thanks for the support off my so called friends there, very few of you have been real friends. The real friends had no part in the bad mouthing of me, and the real friends have came to me and said you didnt say this did you.

so some facts
1) I left because of the way 1 person thought she was above everyone, fellow designers, customers and other staff.

2) I never badmouthed inspiration to anyone, even the one female who pushed me and is now continueing to push others out, has not been bad mouthed. Some of these people have been with inspiration since the start but because they don’t do what she wants they are out. It is a circle with her she will rope you in, you bring you friends and customers, then she pushes you out.

3) I asked for a reconciliation, vank said he would look into this it has never happened. Yes i went into the mall and deleted my props, I had asked for this to be done prior it had not been done. I did not want to be associated with inspiration anymore.

4) People think I cut off my nose to spite my face. Maybe so but I have principles, rays aren’t everything working with someone who calls you a bitch, because they don’t agree with something you suggest, supporting that person no thanks you can have my nose!!!

I didn’t want to do this but in the last week 2 people have come to me all with fabricated stories from the person who thinks its right to call me a bitch, and continously laugh at others. To make up lies and try and ruin friendships.

I hope your happy little drama queen, quit the lies!!!!

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evival creation and offer for this week comming for the welcome back of the shows for this winter



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